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There are many De-addiction and rehabilitation in Noida but if you want to know which one is the best at offering such services, then visit us. You can truly experience the best services and get an effective treatment at our rehabilitation centre.We own one of the best rehabilitation centre in Noida where every addicted patient gets a place and is treated with the best possible methods. Addiction is such an evil issue that must be fought with true strength and at our place, we do our best to help people fight their battle. Hence, we are one of the Top rehabilitation centre in Noida to offer services to the addicts. At our rehabilitation centre, we treat all kinds of addicts whether they are suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. Being one of the best Rehab centre in Noida, we take care of all the aspects of a treatment that cures addiction.

Care Foundation' incorporates a 'Narcotics Anonymous’' 12 Steps program to heal the patients physically, mentally and spiritually. This has proven to be the most effective recovery program adopted by leading rehabilitation centres across the world.
Addicts are treated by experts under the support system of Care Foundation In a very sensitised manner patients are included in various group activities.

Starting the day spiritually, addicts maintain a healthy routine throughout the day. Addicts also regain their lost health through Yoga, physical exercise and games. Through a compulsory session of meditation, patients work on focus, concentration and anxiety. Appropriate literature is also provided to the patients to strengthen their mental faculties. During treatment, a patient is encouraged to take responsibility of other patients voluntarily so that their inter-personal relations can grow and benefit the society. 

Through the observation and addicts are made aware about their behavioral defects and how to improve upon those. An atmosphere of positivity and hope is maintained so that the patients can get an opportunity to explore their hidden potential. 

It’s not just an addict who suffers but the family as well goes through a tough time. Care Foundation organises family interaction within a period of time which uplifts the family from the feeling of insecurity and despair. Families of addicts gather and exchange strength and hope amongst each other.

The organisation does not work within the 4 walls but also looks out for its family - the addicts after their job is done. On discharge a relapse prevention plan is prepared for each patient depending upon his/her personality and other circumstances. Patients are advised to keep in touch with the centre and their counsellors if and when they face difficulties in their daily lives. Patients are also encouraged to attend AA/NA meetings on a regular basis. 

Regular follow-ups are conducted to help the addicts lead a serene and peaceful life after his/her discharge from the centre. 

'Care Foundation' boasts of a team totally dedicated to the cause of recovery. The members are all recovering addicts who have found a new way of life and are committed to spread the message of recovery in the community.
This unique approach to recovery has helped 'Care Foundation' in becoming one of India's best rehabilitation centre.'Care Foundation' has become a revolutionary and a growing force. The popularity of Care Foundation has grown so much all over India that the Noida government has licensed the Noida centre which is currently operational.

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